When I met Betty, she was on an #HH, her very own husband hunt; and you better believe that was the hashtag she used to alert her friends about her secret adventure. God told her she would meet her husband in South Africa. So, off she went to see what God would provide! Little did she know that she would meet Trenton online while IN SOUTH AFRICA and just a couple months later, meet him in person. Trenton fell in love with Betty quickly and knew she was the girl for him- even before they met!

I met Betty in Rwanda, where my son is from. I was on a trip with an organization that we partner with, to visit our family’s sponsored child, Sharon. Betty works for ANL and was a host for our time there. We became fast friends and well, fast forward to a year later, we climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro together! When you climb a 19,000 ft mountain with someone, you either grow to love or perhaps not love them. Well, Betty and I definitely still love each other after that trip. Shortly after our time in Tanzania, Betty and I talked and dreamed about her wedding with Trent and I just knew I wanted to be a part of it! Betty & Trent, thank you so much for having me and Rach be a part of your big day! We love you both so much and are so excited for what your future holds!


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We like to say our story is a Jesus story and it’s like no other. Living on two sides of the world, we both had a desire in our hearts that something big was about to happen and completely change our lives. Little did we know, we were right. God was working in our hearts preparing us for each other. We are both loud, strong-willed, stubborn, center of attention sort of people. I’m not sure what God was up to, but we think He did an incredible job!

While living in Rwanda for the past three years, Betty felt God telling her she would meet someone in South Africa. She didn’t know how or when or even what that would look like, but one thing she learned from her Rwandan family was to fully put everything into the Lord’s hands and have crazy ridiculous faith. Last June, Betty and her friend Cici traveled to South Africa. While there, Cici encouraged her to get on a dating app. Betty found a Christian app for singles, downloaded it, and within a few minutes received a message from a very handsome bald man – Trenton Davis. 

Over the next couple of months the two began to talk daily. From the time they woke up, to the time they went to sleep. It wasn’t easy. Having a 7-8 hour time difference doesn’t leave you with much time to get to know someone. So, Betty came up with the idea for them to ask and answer three personal questions about each other every day. They both felt God pressing on their hearts and made the decision to continue this journey together. After about two months, Betty asked Trent if he would be willing to drive to Austin to pretty much be interviewed by a panel of her close friends (keep in mind, they still had never met in person). This panel included her sister Holly, Holly’s husband Matt, her person Elizabeth, close friend Jami, and her sisters side-kick, Vince. Trent met them at Hula Hut on a very hot, scorching summer day dressed in jeans, boots, and a long sleeve dress shirt. He was ready to impress..and sweat! After about 3 hours Betty received follow up phone calls all the way back to Rwanda to see if Trent passed the test or not. He did!!! Everyone loved him. Elizabeth said, “Betty, he’s the one. That man could sell ice to an eskimo!” After her boss came to Rwanda they talked about how important it was for Betty to first go meet Trent in person since he has two little boys. Riley, age 4 and Korbin, age 7. Trent and Betty prayed about it and then booked her flight to Texas. 

“I remember my sister texting me if I had seen him yet while I was coming down the escalator in the Houston airport. As soon as I looked up I saw a handsome man standing with his back towards me. I walked over and said “you looking for someone?” He turned around and that was it. I already knew though. When God is working in your heart and you have complete peace over something, it’s the Holy Spirit. He was the man I had been waiting for my whole life. I loved him then, and love him even more now.”-Betty

“Knowing how much this trip could potentially change our lives, meeting Betty for the first time was the confirmation that I needed to know that this was more than just our plan. Upon losing one piece of her luggage while coming to see me, although this initially seemed to be a bad thing, it was the exact experience we needed together to help break the ice and laugh about the situation. It was then that I was able to enjoy her smile and laugh for the first time and to see her beautiful personality towards others even when things don’t seem to be going right.”- Trent

On that trip to Houston, both Trent and Betty realized this was the beginning of their forever. Their story was unfolding and God was about to take them on a roller coaster adventure of a lifetime. Trent and his boys face timed Betty as much as possible once she returned to Rwanda, and then another Jesus miracle happened…she was able to come home for Christmas. It was their first Christmas all together as a family. That trip was amazing to begin their new year together, and Trent was able to help Betty gather many items for her upcoming Kilimanjaro climb. 

In January, Betty and a group of 12 other ladies climbed Kilimanjaro to help raise support for the Dream Medical Center being built in Kigali. During their climb Betty became ill with bronchitis on day 4. She remembers eating alone in her tent that night and talking out loud to Trent. The next morning all the girls (with their cell phones attached to their chins to get a signal) tried their best to connect with their loved ones. Betty was able to get Trent online for a short moment. He said, “I heard you. If you really did I actually heard you. It was the craziest thing. It was like you were in my mind & I could hear you so clearly. I hope I wasn’t going crazy.” She was in shock. How could he have heard her? Another Jesus miracle. One month later, Trent flew across the sea and landed in Africa for the first time. He got to spend over a week in Rwanda with Betty, meet her family, had lunch with Pastor Charles and Florence, experienced a crazy safari trip, and explore a place that now captured his heart like it did Betty’s. 

“It’s no surprise to anyone that Jesus had a hand in how we met, but his plan for my next adventure was nothing less than extraordinary. He had this perfectly planned out for me. After Betty’s trip to Houston, I was blessed to be given the opportunity to spend 10 days in Rwanda. We had discussed her moving back to Texas but I knew it’d be hard for her to leave Rwanda, the place that she loved. My time in Rwanda was life changing. I met the most wonderful and beautiful people in the world and I think everyone who has visited Rwanda would agree that it is blessed by God. I’ve never felt closer to him than when I was there. Upon my return to Texas, knowing how much I was going to miss both Betty and Rwanda, I was once again blessed by God to have another opportunity. I was invited to participate in Tres Dias. To be inspired by so many men who have strong faith was exactly what I needed at that time. Once again, Jesus had an new opportunity change my life. What my trip to Rwanda and then attending Tres Dias prepared me for was Betty’s move back to Texas a month later where we would begin our God-filled lives together, anxiously waiting for our next adventure together to unfold.”-Trent 

Making the decision to come back to Texas wasn’t easy. But, knowing God had given Betty a peaceful heart and she was able to continue her work for this ministry she loves so dearly, it was the right thing to do. In April, Betty and Trent began their next chapter. They’ve spent the past couple of months spending time with the boys and building a future together. On June 11th, 6 days after their 1 year anniversary of the day they met online, Trent proposed to Betty on a 10 mile (what they thought was a 5 mile) hike around Sam Houston State Park. It was just them and Jesus and the most perfect surrounding. 

“I’ve spent the past few years obsessing over the unnamed woman in the bible with the bleeding disorder. She taught me it’s not enough to know that Jesus is real, or the Savior of the world, or the Mighty Healer. It’s only enough if we put out OUR hand and touch him. It’s about growing in our faith and knowing He really can do anything. He’s the same now as he was then. When I learned to let go and trust God completely…not just say I did, but truly really did, everything changed in my life. I opened my eyes and there was Trent. Hearing God tell me I was going to meet someone in South Africa was like believing in purple unicorns until I really did believe Him and everything He has ever promised me was right in front of my eyes. Plus he never said we were going to meet in person. 🙂 It’s just amazing. I love our story and I love how God is working in our lives. We have so much more to learn and to do for Him, and we can’t wait to honor Him at our wedding.”-BettyWe like to say our story is a Jesus story and it’s like no other. Living on two sides of the world, we both had a desire in our hearts that something big was about to happen and completely change our lives. Little did we know, we were right. God was working in our hearts preparing us for each other. We are both loud, strong-willed, stubborn, center of attention sort of people. I’m not sure what God was up to, but we think He did an incredible job!

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