It’s time to share WFP’s family photos.  Becky and I made a commitment quite a few years ago to make sure we had our family portraits done yearly.  There a couple of reasons for this.  First, we believe in what we tell our clients.  We have heard so often people tell us that it’s been years since they had professional photos taken.  They speak of their teenagers and recall back to when they were babies and that’s the last time; or maybe never.  Having children of our own has taught us the importance of taking photos often.  We snap away on our iphones, like everyone else.  We think this is totally relevant and we encourage others to do so.  However, professional portraits are something we think every family should have done periodically.  Our kids are constantly changing.  Someone has a growth spurt.  Another gets braces.  Someone has a particular unique style they are totally into one year.  We don’t want to forget all of these seasons and portraits are one beautiful way to preserve a time in a family’s life.  Additionally, Becky and I want to know what it feels like for our clients.  I photograph her and her family, and she photographs me and my family.  Oh, how we both prefer to be behind the camera.  It’s uncomfortable at first getting in front of the camera.  We are forced to face our insecurities.  This is precisely why we do it.  We need to know how our clients feel so we can best meet their needs and hopes for their portraits.

This year family portraits took place on our highly anticipated extended family vacation to the Turks and Caicos Islands.  Grammy and Pappah splurged and treated us to 6 glorious days in paradise.  How could we not do our family photos in this location?!!  We hope you enjoy getting a glimpse into our family as you scroll through WFP’s family photos.   FAIRFIELD FAMILY PORTRAITS_0003 FAIRFIELD FAMILY PORTRAITS_0005 FAIRFIELD FAMILY PORTRAITS_0009 FAIRFIELD FAMILY PORTRAITS_0002 FAIRFIELD FAMILY PORTRAITS_0006 FAIRFIELD FAMILY PORTRAITS_0004 FAIRFIELD FAMILY PORTRAITS_0008 FAIRFIELD FAMILY PORTRAITS_0007 FAIRFIELD FAMILY PORTRAITS_0010 FAIRFIELD FAMILY PORTRAITS_0011 FAIRFIELD FAMILY PORTRAITS_0001

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