baby Makynley | Fairfield newborn photographer

Can we just tell you how much fun it is to be a newborn photographer?  Seriously…that newborn stage is so precious and we get our baby fix when a new mama walks through our doors.  Baby Makynley provided us with that fix for our morning.  She is so incredibly perfect!  Baby girl was just 5 days old at her first photo session. We loved photographing her sweet little face, toes and fingers. We are so very thankful for such a wonderful job that brings us so much joy.  We hope that Makynley’s photos bring that same joy to her mom and dad. Enjoy looking though Makynley’s first photos.

Are you expecting?  We would love to chat with you.  We recommend planning ahead and booking early on in your pregnancy.  Most of our clients book around 25-30 weeks.

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Newborn baby and big brother smile for baby
Fairfield newborn photographer_0002
Baby girl in posing ring and adorable pink headband.
Fairfield newborn photographer_0004
Fairfield newborn photographer_0005
Newborn baby lays on purple blanket with adorable purple flower headband.
Fairfield newborn photographer_0007
Newborn photos in black and white of baby
Fairfield newborn photographer_0008