Living the dream…thank you Dr. King!

Every year around MLK day we try and snap a few photos of our favorite little dude duo, affectionately known as ‘cafe con leche’.  Will and Judah are cousins, but really more like brothers.  A few months ago Will asked me {Rachel}, ‘Mom, remember when you came and got me from Rwanda with Judah?’  Well, buddy, your stories began a little differently.  However, these two can’t seem to think back to a time where their paths were different.  They have been attached at the hip as long as they can remember.  And we wouldn’t have it any other way.  Hunter and Jacob have joined in the fun and round out this crazy crew of boys.  Each one of these boys have a unique and special beginning.  Some of their stories are considered less traditional then others, and that’s the beauty in their friendship.  4 boys, all with different beginnings, but all with a deep affection for each other.  This affection is expressed mostly with wrestling matches and super hero cape chases over sofas and under tables.  They stir up chaos and make messes and we absolutely love it!  They are growing up in a time where this is the normal and don’t know of any other reality.  Thank you Dr. King for being the change that allows them to grow up to love and wrestle and play together.  Our prayer is that their friendship will grow deeper over the years, always be filled with brotherhood and they will also be the change in their world.

Enjoy scrolling through some of our favorites from the ‘Living the Dream’ photo session.

Big thanks to Jacob’s Grandma, Ronda, for the shirts….Perfect description of an afternoon with these 4.

{from left to right}:  Judah, Hunter, Jacob and William

Martin Luther King Jr._0001
Martin Luther King Jr._0002
Martin Luther King Jr._0003
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