bike repair workshop | partner with us!

Our trip to Rwanda is just around the corner.

What are we doing there?  While we will be partnering with the local group {Africa New Life Ministries} on several different projects, one close to our family is the bike repair workshop.  My husband, Karl, will be leading a 2 day workshop for 10 Rwandan men teaching bike repair skills.  Karl’s love for cycling and skills in repair work will be passed on to these men who will gain practical skills that can be used on a daily basis, as well as giving them skills and tools to start a SUSTAINABLE business.

What are the needs?  $160 will provide a kit for each workshop participant consisting of tools and supplies to help them start a small bike repair business and sustain them for several years.

How can I help?

1.  Share this link on your social media pages.

2.  Donate one kit {$160} OR any flat donation.

Kit includes:  high quality floor pump, 100 count patch kit, large quanity vulcanizing glue, tire levers, heavy duty chain breaker, crescent wrench, canvas tool tote bag, multi-task tool kit, truing tool.  All donations are tax deductible through Africa New Life Ministries.

Directions:  click on this link, BIKE REPAIR DONATION  Thank you!

Below you will see photos of my husband, Karl, working and training future cyclists in a small village in Shandia, Ecuador.  He is excited to take this training to another continent and partner with a new group of friends!

Ecuador -11
Ecuador -50 copy
Ecuador2012-4191 copy 2
Ecuador2012-4435 copy
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