Emily came to us knowing exactly what she wanted for her Suisun City Senior Portraits.  Although she attends high school in Sacramento, she desired to have her photos show a piece of home. We were thrilled!  We absolutely love shooting in our own backyard.  Emily lives down the street from us and the hills here are gorgeous in the spring.  We also headed out to Suisun Valley during mustard season.  This is hands down my favorite time of the year to shoot.  The colors are vibrant and the weather is perfect.  Emily also has a great sense of style.  She knows herself and what she likes.  This definitely came through in her wardrobe selection…perfection!  It was a true joy getting to know Emily and her mom through the process of senior portraits.  She is driven, kind, beautiful, and has a bright future.  That future begins this fall with enrollment at southern California’s Occidental College where Emily will play collegiate volleyball.  Congratulations Emily on graduation and your acceptance to Occidental.  You are going to do amazing things!

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