Rachel Wurzbach & Becky Fisher make up the sisterhood photography team of Wurzbach Fisher Photography.  Our boutique style photography not only provides you with gorgeous images that you will enjoy for a lifetime, but we provide an incredible experience from start to finish.

Becky began her business in 2005 while living in Orange County.  As her business began to grow, Becky asked Rachel to join her for wedding jobs.  Rachel then began her photography career in 2010 under the guidance and mentorship of her younger sister.  Two sisters grew their businesses on opposite sides of the state, with occasional project collaboration.  Once Becky moved up to NorCal in 2013, the two combined forces and have never looked back.

Rachel:  “Beck and I work well together.  She’s the visionary.  I’m the methodical slow paced planner.  We are both dreamers.  Together we compliment each other.  And who wouldn’t like working with their sister?! ”

Becky:  “I love working with my sister! She puts feet to my dreaming. While I love to shoot, we both see so much value in posing, and our clients always appreciate it!”

Becky and Rachel have the joy of working alongside a fabulous support team.  We are incredibly thankful for this crew:

Natalie Polk {blog manager, album design, accounting}

Gina DeLeon {newsletter design}

Rachelle Barngraff {imager}

Lauren Herrera {admin and client care}

Olivia Walsh {social media manager}

Kinzie Thomas {summer intern}

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