San Diego Wedding | Don & Lindsey

This is such a special session to write about.  I {Rachel} met Lindsey when she was a high school student.  Karl and I were a couple of her youth leaders from church.  Linds was always a pleasure to have around.  From hanging out at our house, Bible studies, youth trips, etc….we ALWAYS loved having Lindsey along.  She was smart, sweet, and genuine.  Although she graduated and moved on to a fabulous college and professional career which took her to the other side of the country and back, we have managed to stay in touch, albeit not as often as we would both like.  However, that same genuineness we knew in high school is an attribute that Lindsey has carried on as an adult and is present in every interaction we have had since her high school days.  Fast forward to this summer in San Diego.  Lindsey has met an incredible man, and they celebrated their marriage surrounded by friends and family along the beautiful southern California coastline.  The evening prior to the wedding festivities I had the joy of doing a portrait session for Lindsey and Don at sunset.  The conditions were perfect and the sunset stunning.  We couldn’t have ordered a more beautiful evening.  Lindsey, you have been through a lot of life in your years since high school; some beautiful and some very painful.  You have held your head high and persevered through it all and I cannot even begin to express to you how incredibly happy we are for you.  You and Don are so blessed to have found each other.  I’m so thankful I had the privilege of documenting your marriage celebration through photos.  I love you Lindsey!

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